One Direction Campaign Launched For Band To Visit Alton Towers’ Crash Victim, Leah Washington, In Hospital

We have all been left absolutely horrified as the tragic details of the Alton Towers’ rollercaster crash victims’ injuries have come to light, with it being confirmed yesterday afternoon that seventeen-year-old Leah Washington had to have her left leg amputated as a result.

Now pals of the teen have launched a campaign to get Leah’s favourite band, One Direction, to visit her in hospital after she was forced to miss seeing them at Capital’s Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium on Saturday.

Writing on Twitter, her friend Sara Stuart wrote: “Been to visit a close friend, Leah Washington, who was involved in the Smiler crash at Alton Towers, which resulted in her having her leg amputated.

“She is a huge fan of One Direction and had tickets to go see them at Capital’s Summertime Ball, however, was obviously unable to attend.

“As any Directioner would understand, this was a big deal to her and she was so upset. She has seen them on many occassions and her hospital room is full of posters of them!

“I know this is a long shot and they must get lots of requests, but it would really make Leah’s day and aid her recovery if they could visit her or contact her in any way!

“Thank you for all your support.”

The campaign comes shortly after it was revealed just how much rehabilitation Leah faces, with her dad, David Washington, explaining: “Leah has suffered a life-changing injury and now has many months of rehabilitation ahead of her.

“We would like to thank all the emergency services at the scene and all the hospital staff who saved Leah’s life.”

Leah was on her first date with Joe Pugh, who was also critically injured following the Smiler crash, which left fourteen other riders severely hurt.

Alton Towers have already stated that they are “determined” to do everything that they can to support the victims at this traumatic time, accepting full responsibility for the crash and promising that all compensation will be dealt with “swiftly”.

We are going to keep our fingers crossed that our fave four boys hear about Leah’s plight and do what they can to put a smile on her face after such a horrible, horrible time. 

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