One Direction DJ Cam Mansel: ‘I Hope The No Control Project Brings Fans Closer Together’ – EXCLUSIVE

Unless you have been living under a rock for these last couple of days, you’ll be aware that the One Direction fandom have proved once again how amazing they are by taking matters into their own hands and promoting their DIY single, ‘No Control’.

And, consequently, we have been singing about stained coffee cups for the past three days.

The fans’ campaign involved everybody downloading/ streaming/ trending the ‘Four’ album track, which is vocally lead by Louis Tomlinson, and also attempting to get the song played on mainstream radio stations, which is where our new BFF Cam Mansel comes in.

The 23 year old is a DJ who hosts Ultimate Access on iHeartRadio New Zealand, and in the early hours of yesterday morning UK time, Cam made history by being the first to ever play ‘No Control’ on the airwaves, much to the fandom’s absolute delight.

And Cam didn’t do things by halves either, oh no, he played the song a whopping TEN times alongside a whole load of other One Direction album tracks and releases for the duration of his entire show.

Needless to say, he is our kind of pal.

It wasn’t long before the we all fell in love with the New Zealander and he soon became an online sensation as our very own Nick Grimshaw followed suit on his own Radio 1 breakfast show just hours later, so naturally we decided to have a little chinwag with him about the No Control project and why he is so bloomin’ awesome.

Talking about how he first heard about the campaign, Cam, who says he first took up DJing to “entertain and inform people”, exclusively told us: “I had a fan tweet me asking to play No Control, I had seen a few tweets in my timeline but didn’t take too much notice of it at the time.

“I then tweeted saying if this gets 1,000 retweets I would play the track. I was going to just play the track then and there but I thought I would wait and see what happens.

“It took less than ten minutes for the One Direction family to make 1,000 retweets, but of course they didn’t stop there and it’s almost at 3,000 retweets now.

“I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined how big this would have been. After I played the song my twitter completely exploded, I had over 600 notifications and my phone was vibrating so much it froze and turned off.

“It’s not just Twitter though, the #NoControlProject is massive on tumblr as well. Directioners really do underestimate their power!”

Well, we have always said that there is nothing more powerful than the One Direction fandom, and this pretty much proves our point, doesn’t it?

Aside from how bloomin’ catchy the song is, sweetheart Cam also had his own adorable reasons for listening to the campaigners, sharing: “It really excited me that I was able to do something for One Direction fans.

“It hasn’t been the greatest time for Directioners lately with the beef between Zayn and Louis, and of course Zayn leaving the band and rumours that Harry wants to take up acting.

“I am hoping the No Control Project has brought fans closer together and will continue to keep this fandom alive!”

Agh, he’s such a cutie – can we please keep him?

Cam went on to admit to us that he’s always been a “bit of a fangirl” (ugh, who isn’t, babes), and the whole reason he came up with his Ultimate Access show was to provide a “completely non judgemental place for people to enjoy all of their favourite tracks and artists, not just the singles that mainstream radio are playing”.

Well, we think that it is pretty safe to say that this is one goal that he has definitely achieved, and with DJs across the globe now following in Cam’s footsteps, it looks like this project has been a roaring success.

Join The #NoControl Project Thunderclap This Sunday!

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