One Direction Facts: 28 Things You Didn’t Know About The 1D Boys (Probs)

We’re pretty sure you probs know everything there is to know about these lot.

But while you might already have a name picked out for Harry Styles’ third nipple, we thought you might not be aware of a number of other weird and wonderful 1D facts.

And we reckon every Directioner should have an excess of One Direction facts to throw around at any given time.

Because, frankly, there’s never too much one can know about Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Hazza.

Here’s 28 more things to fill your 1D brain folder with…

1. When One Direction’s debut album got No.1, Harry bought a mattress to celebrate.

2. 1D’s pre-gig ritual is cheers-ing Haribo sweets together. Louis explained: “We do the sweets like they’re drinks. We ‘cheers them’. It’s very strange but it’s for good luck.”

3. Liam and Niall both have the same middle name; James. Louis’s middle name is William, Zayn’s is Jawaad and Harry’s is Edward.

4 Niall used to have two pet fish called Ben and Jerry, they died because Niall accidentally fed them too much. Devastating.

5. Niall likes girls who eat as much as him. We can definitely help there!

6. Harry previously said his fave foods are sweetcorn and tacos, no one knows if he means together.

7. Liam only had one working kidney when he was born, but it’s ALL FINE NOW, PEOPLE. REMAIN CALM.

8. Zayn was once a waiter.

9. Harry eats Twix bars at the same time so that the other doesn’t get ‘lonely’.

10. The One Direction dolls were created using laser image face sculpting so they’d look as realistic as possible. They’re also 30cm in height, which is kind of massive. 

11. Zayn didn’t own a passport before he was in One Direction.

12. Harry was the first of the 1D boys to get naked in front of the rest of them, but they were all naked within days of working together. As you do.

13. Harry’s favourite films are action/adventure films and he likes girls who make him work for them – so if you DO date him, make him sit through a rom-com and see if he stays.
14. Liam likes girly-girls who giggle, wear knee-high socks, squeal a lot, like PDAs and have tattoos. Erm…

15. Harry’s secret talent is juggling.

16. Louis’ name was initially pronounced ‘Lewis’ but he changed it at school when his friends started saying ‘Louie’. His mum still calls him ‘Lewis’.

17. Louis once got detention at school after accepting a dare to crash the girls’ bathroom.

18. Apparently Niall would be the first to die if 1D were in a horror movie. Harsh.

19. Harry’s fave non-alcoholic drink is apple juice.

20. A run-in with a pigeon when he was a child means Niall suffers from a fear of birds.

21. Liam says he’d date Zayn if he was a girl. 

22. Louis appeared on TV several times before X Factor, including appearing on Fat Friends.

23. The boys once sent Simon Cowell £2.50 in a birthday card – 50p from each of them. Generous.

24. Harry is not, we repeat NOT a fan of mayonnaise.

25. Louis likes girls who wear glasses.

26. The boys’ birthdays and starsigns look something like this:
Louis, December 24, 1991 – Capricorn
Zayn, January 12, 1993 – Capricorn
Liam, August 29, 1993 – Virgo
Niall, September 13, 1993 – Virgo
Harry, February 1, 1994 – Aquarius

27. Harry has the most followers on Twitter, followed by Niall, Liam, Louis and then Zayn.

28.  Zayn  has a phobia of heights.

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One Direction Facts: 28 Things You Didn’t Know About The 1D Boys (Probs)
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