One Direction Fans Raised Over $10,000 For Charity In Honour Of Zayn Malik’s Birthday

Directioners are a giving bunch, and when it comes to their five favourite lads’ birthdays, they want to pull out the big guns and get them a pressie that beats any other gift that they have ever recieved before.

But what do you get the boys who have everything?

Well, a pretty sizeable donation to a charity that they love is a pretty hard-to-beat start.

Yep, One Direction fans have come out in force once again in honour of Zayn Malik’s 22nd birthday (which is tomorrow, btw), and together they have managed to raise an impressive $10,809.26, or £7,161.18 to you and me, for the British Asian Trust.


Organised by 1D fan, Amy, the description on the charity drive’s Just Giving page reads: “Zayn Malik is an ambassador to the British Asian Trust so we decided we would raise money for the trust in honor of Zayn’s 22nd birthday.  

“We are also selling t-shirts and gear with the proceeds going to this charity drive.”

The post is followed up with a seriously generous update from October last year, which explains: “There is a matching challenge called Loose Change for Zayn.

“From now until Zayn’s birthday on January 12th on the 12th of each month, we will count up all the donations that have ‘Loose Change for Zayn’ somewhere in the name or comment and match up to $100 EACH MONTH!”

Talk about big-hearted, eh?

The initial target for the drive was $10,000, which was achieved on the 8th January.

Sexy Zayn is an ambassador for the charity, which is dedicated to meeting the poorest communities in South Asia by investing in high-impact local charities.

Not too shabby, right?

The star has already thanked his fans for their donations, sharing a screenshot of the drive and writing: “This is amazing, thank you to everyone involved!!”

Xeni Jardin

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