One Direction Filmed New Perfume Advert Without Zayn Malik LAST YEAR – Months Before He Quit

Yesterday we were all left surprised but jumping for joy when One Direction unveiled their fourth perfume, Between Us, complete with a snazzy new TV advert and behind the scenes footage.

All in all, it was a pretty good day to be alive.

However, it didn’t take long for those eagle-eyed fans to notice something a little bit suspicious… And upsetting… The four-member advert appears to have been shot before last November.

AKA before they were ever officially a ‘four piece’ band… Before Zayn Malik dramatically quit mid-tour back in March.

How did they figure it out?

Well, when certain members of the band have a very visual love for body art, it didn’t take a genius to notice that in the behind the scenes snippet of the boys’ OT4 perfume photoshoot, Harry Styles is missing his raunchy mermaid tattoo on his left forearm, and Louis Tomlinson is missing that incredible, larry-tastic dagger tattoo, both of which made their debut into the world last November.

Interesting, right?

Although the video starts off with the boys each having their individual photos taken, something that could have been explained as simply as Zayn’s shoot not being included, questions arise when the four boys team up for the group shot, without a Mr. Malik in sight.

We mean, his sensational decision to quit appeared to a pretty spontaneous thing -  did they really know by October last year, at the very latest, that he wouldn’t be in the band by June 2015?

Some fans have argued that One Direction might have always been preparing for the 22 year old’s departure, but it was expected that he would leave during their seemingly random two month break, which started at the beginning of April, and they genuinely weren’t ready when he called it quits mid-March.

Others think that this has all been orchestrated for absolutely yonks, for reasons that we aren’t quite clear on.

Either way, something tells us that we definitely don’t know the full story with this one, but we seriously hope that we get to the bottom of it.

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