One Direction FINALLY Add ‘No Control’ And ’18′ To Their Setlist, And Fans Are Ecstatic

So, One Direction fans had all of their prayers answered last night when the boys finally added ‘No Control’ and ’18′ to their On The Road again setlist.

We don’t know how we are still alive after such a glorious occasion, but we do know that we couldn’t be harbouring any more Larry feels if we tried.

Fans have been badgerin’ our four fave boys to perform the tracks live ever since they heard them on their album ‘Four’ last year, with an entire campaign being launched last month to showcase just how much they bloomin’ love ‘No Control’ specifically.

When 1D started their second leg of tour in Cardiff last week, everybody was left slightly disappointed that the setlist hadn’t changed during their two month break, with Louis Tomlinson eventually taking to his Twitter account to reassure fans that new songs were definitely on his way.

True to form, Lou was not telling porkies, and the fans could not have been happier:

Billy Hallowell

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