One Direction Get To Grips With An Excited Amy Adams In Saturday Night Live Promo

It looks like Christmas has come early for Amy Adams as she’s been getting pretty hands on with the One Direction boys.

Amy is hosting a festive edition of American sketch show, Saturday Night Live, and the award-winning actress looked like she’d hit the jackpot when she got to do some promo skits with the boys.

The 40-year-old star of American Hustle can be seen struggling to not let her excitement get the best of her during a skit where she plants mistletoe in front of Harry, Liam, Louis, Nial, and Zayn.

She asks the lads if girls just scream at them wherever they go, before saying: “So if I did it, it would be bad, right? I probably shouldn’t do it… ’cause I’m just really having a hard time.”

It’s ok to get a little bit excited if you have the opportunity to put some mistletoe over 1D’s heads, you just need to rein it in a little bit Amy – play it nonchalant.

In another one of the short spoofs the lucky Miss Adams can be seen giggling as she reclines in the arms of the biggest boyband in the world, but then again the boys don’t seem to mind holding onto the Man of Steel star either.

One Direction Get To Grips With An Excited Amy Adams In Saturday Night Live Promo
By MazSight

But it’s not just Amy who’s excited, in fact the boys look like they’ve loved being in New York at Christmas time.

Both Nial and Liam have taken to their Twitter accounts to say how much they love the city, with Nial in particular sounding like he’s very happy to be back doing SNL again.

Needless to say this is one Saturday Night Live epsidoe we HAVE to watch.


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