One Direction Have The WORST Tribute Band Ever, Meet One And Only Direction

One Direction fans have been left stunned by the emergence of ‘ultimate tribute band’ One And Only Direction.

On their website, the fivesome claim: “Their unsurpassed resemblance recently caused our Harry and Niall to bring part of Glasgow city centre to a standstill, as screaming fans mistook the lookalikes for the real deal and crowded them for photos and autographs.”

But all we have to say to that is… Erm, are you sure boys? Because you actually look nothing like them.

In fact, we have been left so confused by the alleged hype surrounding these ‘lookalikes’, that we have decided to have an indepth breakdown of each of the five members of this tribute band just to make sure that we hadn’t missed anything…. And we have to admit, we’re still not convinced:


Erm… They both have brown hair? But other than that, there really isn’t a lot to say in terms of resemblance….


We have to say, out of all five looky-likeys, this is the one that had us doing our best ‘OMG’ face.

We think Louis’s face (that’s the one on the right, in case you couldn’t tell) sums up all of our feelings towards this situation, and is it just us or would Charlie be better off doubling as Jay off EastEnders?

Now THAT’S uncanny.


Kudos on the blonde hair and general enthusiasm, just like our very own Niall, but we’re afraid that overall it’s a ‘no’ from us.


Out of all of them, Richard probably comes the closest to looking like his designated One Direction member.

Y’know, if we asked our partially-sighted and seriously unhip nan if this guy was Harry, she would probably say ‘yes’, but other than that we can’t quite believe that he will be convincing anybody – least of all actual fans.


Dark hair and stubble? TICK.

Anything else? Erm….

Where’s the mysterious, brooding eyes? And the sexy single strand of hair? And the general appearance that makes him look as though his face was carved by actual angels?

We’re sorry Ben, but you’re simply not fooling anybody.

Despite the sheer lack of likeness, One And Only Direction claim that they actually get a heck of a lot of work, and they even try their hand at singing the original bands mahoosive tunes when they put on their tribute performance.

Something which these disgruntled fans will no doubt be avoiding like the plague:

Gabe Bergado

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