One Direction Look Gorgeous, Win Big, AND Perform At The ARIA Awards

Well haven’t we been spoilt?

We ruddy love promo time with One Direction.

As if we hadn’t been treated enough by the band’s beautiful faces and lolz-worthy interviews across the UK and America, our fave five-piece jetted to the other side of the world to continue the fun.

Perhaps the biggest part of their entire trip to Oz was the prestigious ARIA awards, which, thanks to the confusing time difference, took place earlier today and my oh my, didn’t the boys look handsome?

We mean, where do we even start?

Niall and Harry leaning in for a sneaky kiss*?

*Okay whispering in eachother’s ears, but shh.

Liam taking selfies with the fans?


Zayn proving that the haterz aren’t bringing him down with the BIGGEST SMILE EVER?!

They’re all too perfect, we actually can’t cope.

As if that wasn’t enough, once inside the glitzy venue the boys gave a heartfelt performance of Steal My Girl… Which was an teeny tiny bit disappointing because quite frankly we wanted them to sing their snazzy new single Night Changes, but then Harry made up for it when he pulled this face:

And all was well again.

Cheers Hazza. 

And on top of that ice cream sundae of One Direction deliciousness, the boys did us proud and won a public-voted award for Best International Artist.


We could literally burst with pride, and we are super excited to see what 1D will be up to for the rest of their time down under.

Anybody else think that they may as well hop into the I’m A Celebrity jungle while they’re out there?

Because seeing Harry Styles munching on a kangaroo anus sounds like TV gold just waiting to happen.

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