One Direction On Four-Year Grammy Snub: ‘We’ll Be Taking It To Westminster’ – EXCLUSIVE

One Direction are undeniably the biggest band in the world right now.

They have broken world records by having their first four albums debut at number one, sold out actual stadiums across the globe on tour after tour, and generally have more fans than we could ever physically count.

Therefore we reckon that it’s totally understandable that when the 2015 nominations for the prestigious Grammys were unveiled and we saw that One Direction had been snubbed for the fourth year running, we were feeling pretty angry about the whole shebang.

Cue cries of ‘It’s a conspiracy against them’, angry tweets, and slagging off the industry bigwigs who made the decision – you know the fangirl drill.

So when we sat down with the hunkiest boyband on the planet at the BBC Music Awards earlier tonight, we just had to ask if they were feeling as peeved as we were about it all, and it was the ever-gracious Harry Styles who answered on behalf of the band, telling Yahoo Celebrity:

“I think there’s so much incredible music out there, I don’t think you can kick off if you don’t get the nominations.

“In the list of nominations everybody is incredible, there’s a lot of award shows that we do get nominated for and we are lucky for those things.

“I don’t think we can get hung up on the ones that we didn’t get.”

A slightly more mature reaction than our own, we have to say.

However, when we told the lads that we personally found the snub a big, fat injustice they decided that it might be time to call in the big guns, with Niall Horan joking:  “We will be taking this to Westminster!”

We’re not *quite* sure what David Cameron has to do with the nominations for an American music ceremony, but we’ll back our boys all the way.

Come on Directioners, grab your picket signs and we’ll meet you at Downing Street!

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Darlene Hildebrandt

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