One Direction Release First On The Road Again Tour Poster Without Zayn Malik

It’s been mere weeks since Zayn Malik devastatingly announced that he was leaving One Direction, but after being removed from One Direction‘s tour montage, he’s now officially been removed from the OTRA tour poster.

Yep, 1D have released a very much Zayn-less new poster for the next leg of their On The Road Again tour, and it’s actually got us locked in a glass case of emotion.

One Direction Release First On The Road Again Tour Poster Without Zayn Malik
By MazSight

YES, we know this is it now, but we’re not sure we were entirely ready for this, y’know? Our hearts are still very much hurting and there are still a few tears in our eyes.

The new poster is the lads’ first professional photo as a four piece, with the addition of some jazzier tops than they had in the last poster.

Mostly Harry Styles‘ yellow and black striped shirt that makes him look like a friendly bumblebee (but one that wouldn’t sting you because he’s a little angel, obviously).

Liam Payne has opted for an edgy sleeveless green denim jacket and blue steel gaze, while Niall Horan is looking super cool holding an imaginary drink and wearing a checkered shirt.

We’d also like to give a shoutout to Louis Tomlinson and his cosy jumper that we actually fancy quite a lot – just not as much as we fancy his face. Also wondering why he looks slightly like he’s about to get sassy with someone (can’t think who. Ahem).

The poster was obviously met with a billion broken hearts on Twitter (ours included), with one user simply writing: “SO INCOMPLETE.”

Billy Hallowell

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