One Direction Slammed By Kasabian Frontman: ‘They’re Five No-Ones Who Won The Lottery’

In case you didn’t know, the NME Awards happened last night, which is rock and alternative music’s annual attempt to mock mainstream singers for being popular and hunky, and for the fourth year in a row One Direction found themselves at the butt of everybody’s jokes.

Although they didn’t win ‘Worst Band’ for 2015, nor did the eternally lovely Harry Styles nab the title of ‘villain Of The Year’, which he has won for the last few years, Kasabian frontman, Tom Meighan, still couldn’t resist making a sly dig at our fave fivesome.

The 34-year-old, who picked up Best British Band, Album and Quote at the do, absolutely slammed the boyband and insisted that they’re all going to go their seperate ways and get off their face on drugs before we know it.

He moaned: “They’re f***ing millionaires but they’re five no-ones who won the lottery. They’re massive, but they’re a product, we’re not.

“They’re like shampoo. You buy it to put in your hair and wash it out, like the Spice Girls.”

Erm…. What?

Tom continued his rant with: “Thing is, they’ll all get angry with each other, fall out and do too many drugs. They’ll wanna be f***ing arty and do something clever and they’ll break up.”

If you say so, Thomas, if you say so.

Although we would love to hear what sassmeister Louis Tomlinson has to say about Kasabian’s sly little dig, we have a feeling that 1D are far too busy with the small case of their humongous world tour to find the time to make a comeback.

Meanwhile, the rocker’s bandmate, Serfio Pizzorno, insisted that he and the rest of the boys aren’t at all bitter about the fact that they haven’t been nominated for any BRIT awards, telling The Sun: “I’m gonna be at the beach somewhere, smoking great weed and drinking incredible rum cocktails.

“That’s much more than a consolation prize. It’s a winner.”

Gosh – weed and rum cocktails?? Make sure nobody tells their mums just how hardcore they are!

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