One Direction To Be Spoofed By Comedians For Comic Relief Tribute Band ‘No Direction’

Earlier today One Direction released a rather confusing video which saw the five boys that we know so well introduce themselves with totally different names.

Erm, what?

Well, as it happens, Harry Styles hasn’t decided that ‘Vic Reeves’ just has a much better ring to it, and Niall Horan hasn’t opted to Irish it up even more with new name ‘Patrick Kielty’, oh no.

As it happens, the boys were announcing which famous British comedian will be playing them in Comic Relief tribute band ‘No Direction’ – and just like that, it all made sense.

Due to the fact that the real 1D are currently in the middle of yet another bloomin’ amazing world tour, they will be unable to do anything for Red Nose Day this Friday, thankfully they’ve called in some favours and for one night only Jack Dee, Nick Helm, Patrick Kielty, Vic Reeves, and Johnny Vegas are set to take on the biggest band in the world right now.

We can’t ruddy wait.

On Friday night, Great Britain will be treated to the comedians’ first ever live performance as spoof band No Direction, where they will perform ‘Best Song Ever’ live on stage at the London Palladium, all in the name of charity.

Dry-witted Jack Dee will be playing the sexy sasspot that is Louis Tomlinson, Nick Helm is the new Zayn Malik, Irish Patrick Kielty will become Niall Horan (Who else? WHO. ELSE.??), Vic Reeves will be channelling his best Harry Styles, and Johnny Vegas will be taking on the real Liam Payne.

Y’know, we didn’t actually think that One Direction could ever get any hotter, but we think that these guys might just have topped ‘em. PHWOAR.

Speaking about their venture, Jack shared: “I’m most looking forward to expressing myself through the medium of dance and music, and seeing the audience in a state of absolute astonishment at what we do.”

Vic added: “We’ve all been rehearsing, singing and dancing. I can confirm that we are all born to do it.”

Meanwhile, Patrick is just excited to embrace his Irish roots, boasting: “I can’t wait to play Niall. I’m playing the most good looking and popular Irish man in the world. What could be better?”

This isn’t the first time that celebs have teamed up to spoof a famous act, with Fake That (Take That), Sugar Lumps (Spice Girls), and Lananeeneenoonoo (Bananarama) already gracing the Comic Relief stage in the past.

Although we reckon it’s pretty clear to see that No Direction will be blowing those tribute bands out of the blimmin’ water.

Comic Relief Is On THIS Friday 13 March, 7pm, On BBC One – Face The Funny!

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