One Direction To Join James Corden For His Late Late Show Debut

Say what you want about One Direction, you can’t deny that they are good lads.

Further proof of this comes alongside the fact that they are apparently planning to appear on The Late Late Show for free, all in order to give their pal James Corden a ratings boost as he takes over as host for the US chat show.

If you consider just HOW BLOOMIN’ EXHAUSTED the five lads are from the non-stop work that they do, taking time out of their busy schedules to help out their bezzie is pretty darn admirable if you ask us.

And there’s also the added possibility that James and Harry Styles might just snog again, which is basically the kinda shizzle that we live for.

Better start preparing yourself now for Louis Tomlinson’s inevitable eyebrow raise and sassy hair flip, because it’s going to be lethal.

Word on the grapevine is that this entire ‘get 1D on the Late Late Show’ plan has been overseen by none other than Modest! Management sidekick, Ben Winston, who is the producer of the CBS show as well as being pretty heavily involved with the One Direction boys, as any fan would know.

Let’s just hope that James manages to get more out of the boys while they are on the show than Ben did during that seriously awkward live interview that they did a couple of months back, eh?

Because we don’t think that we can handle that level of cringe for another seven or eight months at least.

Despite having pretty much the best guests ever lined up for his US hosting debut, James Corden has previously revealed that he’s feeling a little bit nervous about taking on such a massive feat, telling the Sunday People: “It was a big surprise to all of us – including me – when I was offered the job.

“I think it is a catastrophe waiting to happen but we will give it our best shot.

“I feel a bit conflicted – that is the best word to describe how I feel. I want to do it but fear it will be a disaster.”

Don’t sweat it, babes, after all, we have a sneaky feeling that having the world’s biggest boyband there to ease you in might just be some serious TV gold just waiting to happen…

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