‘One Direction’ Want Lauren Platt To Win X Factor

Ok, so Lauren Platt is pretty much everyone’s fave X Factor contestant, bar Brian Friedman, but now it looks like she has some HUGE fans in the form of One Direction.

Yup, you heard us right, ONE DIRECTION.

Two members of the biggest boy band EVER were talking about how much they loved Lauren on This Morning, when they declared that she was the contestant that 1D would like to see win it.

The Daily Mail reports that when speaking about this year’s series, Niall Horan conceded that “I think Andrea is going to win it,” but his favourite is Lauren, as “I really like her – she is really sweet”.

Awww, isn’t Niall the real sweetheart?

In the joint interview Louis Tomlinson chirped up, adding: “Yeah, I’d like to see Lauren win it.”

But with the show’s choreographer, Brian, publicly slamming Lauren, things aren’t going to be smooth sailing to the finish line.

Brian slammed Lauren for her dance routine, writing in his newspaper column: “There was a lot of drama with Lauren Platt’s dance routine – she literally had three seconds, but it was like we were asking her to do an Olympic run.”

Ouch Brian!

And, if that public burn wasn’t enough, now the nation’s bookies have taken the hint and slashed the Essex girls odds of winning!

Before TV’s new Mr. Nasty had a fit about some dance moves (in a singing competition might we add) the bookmakers bwin had given Lauren odds of 7/2 to win – that’s good FYI.

But after the whole ‘her head flick was lame’ thing they’ve slashed her odds of winning to 3/1.

If that confuses anyone, don’t worry ‘cause it took us forever to work out too.

But, in other X Factor news, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s decision to mime (or not to mime, depending on who you believe) may have upset a lot of people.

However, The Script’s Danny O’Donoghue – himself a former coach on X Factor rival The Voice, remember?! – is not one of those people and the reason is because she’s too hot for him to care!

'One Direction' Want Lauren Platt To Win X Factor
By MazSight

Discussing her performance of I Don’t Care on The X Factor, he said: “She sang live with Gary Barlow and she got tanked for it! But when you look that good, you can do whatever the f**k you want! Hopefully she reads that!”

And his bandmate Mark Sheehan agrees: “Britney Spears got away with it for so long. Did anyone ever think Madonna was really singing? Suddenly because she is a judge on X Factor and she’s judging live performances… that’s the type of thing that’s going to keep kids happy. I don’t think anyone who is going out to see festivals is going to be worried about it.”

'One Direction' Want Lauren Platt To Win X Factor
By MazSight

Discussing their own performance on The X Factor last weekend, the band – whose new single No Good In Goodbye is released on November 17th – the band admit they were nervous in front of show boss Simon Cowell (something we can TOTES appreciate must be difficult!).

Mark said: “It’s still another thing when you’re standing in front of Simon Cowell. It is! I want to not care, and I can act like I don’t care, but when he’s there!”

'One Direction' Want Lauren Platt To Win X Factor
By MazSight

Danny added: “There’s so few spots on television for bands the other days. We’ve always just wanted to get up and show people what the album is like. Things like the X Factor – I know I was on The Voice – but f**k it, a lot of people watch The X Factor. I’m in the business of The Script, so there’s no shame in doing that.”

Good on ya, lads!  

But, seriously people what’s with all the LAUREN HATE!

If 1D love her why can’t you???!!!!

[X Factor choreographer Brian Friedman is not the biggest fan of Lauren Platt]

[Why doesn't Mel B think she needs to buy her husband presents?]


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