One Direction Where We Are DVD Review, Hint: WE LOVE IT

Let’s be honest, if we had a choice we would be jumping up and down at a One Direction concert every moment of every day of our entire lives.

Unfortunately, that’s not quite possible (the boys tend to have other commitments), but watching their new concert DVD on repeat is pretty much the next best thing.


Filmed live at San Siro Stadium as part of their sell out Where We Are tour, this shiny new DVD is one hour and fourty-seven minutes of absolute joy and happiness and every other kind of great emotion that you can think of.

And that’s without even MENTIONING the snazzy behind the scenes bonus feature, seriously we have been totally spoilt with this one.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.


Well, if you have ever been lucky enough to see the fab fivesome in concert you will know exactly how brilliant they are, and thanks to the 24 cameras, extreme close-ups, and Niall’s special ‘guitar-cam’ that makes an appearance half-way through you are guaranteed the best seats in the house.

But once you stop admiring the boys’ faces in all of their flawlessly, sweaty, close-up glory (this might take a few viewings), you will actually realise that their voices are somehow EVEN BETTER than their beauty as they perform pitch-perfect renditions of all of our fave songs.

Yes, that does include Happily and Don’t Forget Where You Belong.


And as if their gorge faces and ear-pleasing singing wasn’t enough, the onstage banter, and occasional attempt at Italian, is totally on point and will only make you love the boys even more than you did before.

We know, we know – but we promise it genuinely is possible.

Especially when 4/5 leave an unsuspecting Liam on stage while they all rush off to use the portaloo backstage; obviously he carries on like the absolute pro that he is.

It’s not all dancing and portaloos though, there’s actually plenty of scenes emosh enough to win an Oscar thanks to the actually mind-boggling fan actions.

From holding up their own childhood photos while the boys sing ‘Story Of My Life’ to the absolutely INSANE spelling out of ‘We Are 1D family‘ during ‘Right Now’ (you seriously need to see it to believe it), you are guaranteed to get at least a little bit choked up as the boys realise the absolutely undying love of their loyal fans.

Basically, the ‘Where We Are’ concert film is something that movie critics would call an ‘all rounder’; we have action, lolz, cries, and above all ONE DIRECTION.

What more could you possibly ask for?


Oh RIGHT, you COULD ask for a twenty minute behind the scenes bonus feature and would you believe it? That’s exactly what you get.

We personally recommend watching this joyful little treat before the concert as it kicks off an entire four months before the big gig and ends about 1 milisecond before the boys hit the stage, basically, it’s a pretty good lead-in.

During these four months, condensed into an all-too-short twenty mins, we track the boys as they see the stage for the first time, rehearse for the tour, get styled and preened, as well as interviews with some of the crew and a handful of fans, who give an insight into how they managed to pull off THE BEST FAN ACTION OF ALL TIME.


We also realised while watching this feature that we have been in the wrong career this entire time and quite frankly want to know why ‘Be A One Direction Stage Stand In’ wasn’t presented to us as a career option when we were in high school.

They literally have the best job ever.

Well, after One Direction that is.

In all honesty, some more of One Direction talking to the camera would have been nice at this stage (we quite simply can’t get enough), but there is a heart-warming montage which will show you just how cray-cray they can get behind the scenes, as well as Harry telling Liam that his flies are open, Zayn interacting with a tiny baby and making our hearts melt, AND a slightly topless Niall – which is always good.

On top of these twenty minutes of gold dust, the DVD also comes with a glossy little booklet, with some exclusive tour photos of the boys.

Pretty cool, huh?


We love the entire thing, totally as predicted, but we do have one teeny tiny little gripe, and that is that the fifteen minute interview which kicked off the film on that sacred weekend when it was in cinemas isn’t included in the DVD.

Which, to be fair, was actually listed as an exclusive to cinema kind of thing so perhaps we should have just paid more attention to the small print.

One Direction: Where We Are, the concert film, is available to buy from Monday 1st December, so what are you waiting for?

Whack it on your Christmas list and pre-warn the fam that from now that until… Erm… Probably their next film tbh, the TV is yours and you will all now be watching Live From San Siro Stadium on repeat.

We personally can’t think of a better way to spend our time.

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