One Direction’s Liam Payne Buys His Parents A New House After Buying Himself A Mansion

Just when we think that those One Direction lads couldn’t get any more lovely, they do something even more ridiculously sweet to go ahead and prove us wrong.

21-year-old Liam Payne decide to show off just how bloomin’ generous he is, as it has been revealed that he splashed out and bought his parents a brand new house, à la Zayn Malik.

Liam has appaz given mum, Karen, and dad, Geoff, a casual £400,000 for a new pad near his childhood home in Wolverhampton – bet that put his sisters’ Christmas pressies to mummy and daddy Payne to shame, eh?

An elusive pal told The Sun: “Liam thinks the world of his parents and it pains him to leave his family behind when he is on tour.

“He is also a shrewd operator. At 21 he has shown excellent awareness of the importance of investments. 1D won’t last for ever but Liam has already secured several million in bricks and mortar.”

While we do think that investing money in property is definitely a clever type of thing that the sensible one of the band would do, we actually think that he nabbed his parents a pretty lovely house to live in because he is nice, not because he plans to turf them out once One Direction ends.

Geez, what kind of ‘pal’ was that?

It seems as though Liam has gone on somewhat of a ‘shopping spree’ in the property market over the boys’ Christmas break, with it being revealed yesterday that Liam had just bought himself a £5.1Million mansion in Surrey.


Mr.Payne’s new gaff has got all the mod-con’s and fancy-pants furnishings you’d expect to see in the home of a world-famous popstar, including tennis courts and a pool.

There’s even a bloomin’ DANCE studio where Liam can practise his astoundingly good dance-routines and swan around screaming “NOW STAY WITH ME BECAUSE I’M QUITE QUICK: 5,6,7,8” and then boss Niall around, ordering him to do The Shimmy.

Not too shabby, hmm?

And if you ever need a lodger, Liam, all you have to do is ask.

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