One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Enjoys A Coca Cola Following Their Larry Stylinson TV Advert

At the end of last week you might just recall that the Internet imploded when Coca Cola unveiled their new Argentinian advert, which couldn’t be more obviously about Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles’ fan-speculated romantic relationship, also known as Larry Stylinson.

No really, the similarities were uncanny.

In the minute long clip, somebody who is lucky enough to look a whole lot like 23-year-old Louis attempts to burst out One Direction album track ‘Clouds’, a song which many believe to be about the duo’s secret relationship, unfortunately he hits a bum note and all the meanies in the crowd laugh at him.

Boo, hiss etc. etc.

Then the Harry lookalike sitting centre-front downs a coke, starts a beat, and rebuilds the singer’s confidence.

The crowd cheers, ‘Harry’ runs up on stage and ‘Louis’ reaches out to give him a mahoosive hug.

It’s all very sweet and adorable and cutesy and, as you can probably imagine, fans went absolutely crazy for the clip, with the use of a 1D song being used as the final nail in the coffin of evidence that proved it was definitely supposed to be about two of our fave ever stars.

Following the release of the advert we have to admit that we were all kind of waiting with baited breath to see how Mr. Sassypants Lou-Lou was going to react, especially because his Twitter account kind of has a history of shooting down any hint of gay rumours before they have ever really got off the ground.

However, in a bizarre twist of fate that none of us were quite ready for, Louis responded by sharing a photo of himself from his and bandmate Liam Payne’s songwriting session yesterday afternoon, and right next to Louis, as clear as day, is a nice refreshing bottle of Coca Cola.

Now, we know that a lot of you will be shouting that it’s a coincidence, but after five years we’re not so sure that there is even such a thing as a coincidence when it comes to those pesky One Direction boys.

Either way, we’re just super happy that the Larry feels are being kept alive – four for you, Coca Cola, four for you.

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