One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Gets Dagger Tattoo To Match Harry Styles’ Rose… LARRY?!

We need a lay down, this is all too much.

Directioners are such an observant bunch that it’s ruddy impossible to get anything past them, so of course they were the first to notice that the most high-cheekboned member of their fave band had gone and got himself yet another tattoo.

Louis Tomlinson debuted the ink when One Direction made an appearance on australian show A Current Affair, and with the boys getting more and more wild by the day it looks as though the dark dagger etched onto his left forearm was yet another sign that this fivesome aren’t the clean-cut boyband that your gran wants them to be.

Or… Does it have a deeper meaning?

Those Larry shippers we always bang on about definitely think so. 

In fact, that side of the fandom reckon that the dagger’s perfect alignment with his bandmate Harry Styles’ rose tattoo, on his left forearm, is all too coincidental and yet more evidence that the two boys are secretly in love with eachother and have been since The X Factor days.

Seriously, these fans should really just quit their day job and become full-blown detectives, they’re too ruddy good.

Not only are the two tattoos about the same size, definitely the same colour, and in the same place on the same body part, a dagger through a rose is a common tattoo that symbolises ‘loyalty’, a ‘willingness to fight for love’, and ultimately ‘strength’.

Makes your heart ache just thinking about it, doesn’t it?

In fact, the connotations are so apt for the entire Larry situation that pretty much the second Harry debuted his rose tattoo – WHICH WAS LAST YEAR BY THE WAY – fans started the countdown to when Louis would coincidentally get the almighty dagger.

Don’t believe us?

See for yourself:

The reason why fans were SO ready for the duo to ‘accidentally’ get one half each of a popular tattoo design is because this isn’t the first time that it has happened.

Or the second, third, fourth… In fact, fans have been tracking the boys’ body art for quite some time and they’ve noticed some *pretty* strange coincidences… 

If you take the time to stare at Harry’s partially naked body (SIGH, IF WE HAVE TO), you will notice that at the top of his left arm, permenantly etched into his skin, is the word ‘Hi’, written in what appears to be Louis’ handwriting:

Then if you take a gander at Louis’ arm, you will see the word ‘Oops’ tattooed there:

In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the last four years, ‘Hi’ and ‘Oops’ are the first words that Harry and Louis said to eachother when they met at The X Factor auditions. 

Just bros, casually tattooing the first words that they said to eachother onto their bodies. 

No biggie.

Then, if we stare at Harry’s body even more, you will find a ship, anchor, and a heart (among a load of other ones).

If we stare at Louis’ body some more, we will find a compass for the ship, some rope for the anchor, and an arrow for the heart.


The placements of the anchor and rope are particularly interesting, with very clever fans clocking that the break in the rope on the inside of Louis’ right wrist matches perfectly with the placement of Harry’s anchor on the outside of his left wrist.

Basically, if they hold hands, the anchor will be ‘held up’ by the breaks in the rope.

They’re a very analytical bunch, these Directioners.

And let’s not forget Harry’s chest butterfly and Louis’ collarbone ‘It is what it is’ quote:

Seemingly innocent on their own, but then this sketch of a ‘couple’s tattoo’ was dug out of a tattoo artist’s portfolio and eyebrows were raised:

The sketch was posted before the boys got their tattoos, just FYI. 

All a bit strange, no?

Incidentally, sharp-eyed fans have noted that it is now impossible for Harry and Lou to hold hands and/ or cuddle in any way, shape, or form without at least one set of their tattoos being in perfect alignment. 

Even if the boys AREN’T actually secret lovebirds, we reckon that they should spend their whole time cuddling anyways, just to make the most of these multiple, seriously uncanny ‘coincidences’.

Phew, after all of this excitement we are, in fact, exhausted and need to go and cry into our This Is Us DVD while we re-watch the boys early X Factor performances.

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We’re onto you, Larry Stylinson, we’re onto you… 


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