One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Poses With His Baby Brother And Makes Our Hearts Melt

All together now: Awwwwwwww.

Louis Tomlinson’s mum was responsible for making our hearts go all gooey this morning as she shared an adorable snap of the One Direction star with his baby brother.

We actually can’t handle the cuteness.

Johannah Deakin is currently in America with the 22-year-old whilst he promotes the band’s new album, Four, and she took some of Louis’ SEVEN siblings along for the fun.

Simply captioned “#brothers” alongside the kissing emoji, baby Ernest is positively beaming at his big bro, who looks just as besotted by the little one’s company.

It must be nice for Louis to have someone who doesn’t understand that he is in the most famous band in the planet and kind of a big deal, eh?

The nine-month-old and his twin, Doris, are the youngest of Louis’ many younger siblings, with him also being big brother to ten-year-old twins, Daisy and Phoebe, fourteen-year-old Felicite, fifteen-year-old georgia, and sixteen-year-old Lottie.

Phew, that’s a heck of a lot of sisters to look after, but look after them he does with Louis proving time and again that family comes first.

Earlier this year it was reported that he leapt to sis Lottie’s defence when she confided in him that she was being harrassed by a random 24-year-old man.

Apparently ahead of playing a pretty massive gig at Manchester stadium back in June, Lou took time out to call the man up personally and warn him to stay away from his little sister.

The Daily Star reported that the sassiest popstar of all time was understandably fuming and told the creep: “You’re twenty-four and she is fifteen. What are you thinking?

“Don’t even think about coming to the stadium tonight. I don’t want to see you there.”

Ooft, is it just us or is protective Louis EVEN HOTTER than sassy Louis?

An insider added that despite his thousands of fans and millions of touring commitments, his fam will always come first, saying: “Louis wanted to be focused on playing at one of the biggest venues in the country but his sister comes first and he wanted to make sure he was protecting her.

“He didn’t hold back when he called the bloke, he was really angry about what had been going on.”


Just last week the big-hearted Doncaster lad showed that his family-like loyalty actually extends to his entire hometown when he took the time out to  to send a bouquet of white roses to the families of five teenagers who died in a tragic car accident.

The flowers are thought to have been delivered to Danum Academy, the school which the five teens attended, and contained a heartfelt message which read:

“Really saddened to hear some sad news from my home town.

“With love Louis - One Direction. & mum Johannah xxxxx”

Although Lou did not publically acknowledge the incident on his Twitter account, eagle-eyed students at the school were quick to share photos of the flowers and spread word of his big-hearted gesture.

We love you, Louis Tomlinson – please don’t ever change. 

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