One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Shows Support For Gay Apple CEO Following Harry Styles Sexuality Rumours

We always love when celebs use their fame to draw attention to positive causes.

And Louis Tomlinson from One Direction was sure to do exactly that when he rocked up at The X Factor studios on Friday wearing a T-Shirt which demonstrated his support for Apple CEO, Tim Cook, who came out as gay earlier this week. 

Louis looked absolutely gorgeous as he grinned away, proudly displaying his white T-Shirt which had a rainbow-coloured Apple logo emblazoned across it. 

Looks like somebody keeps up-to-date with current affairs, despite living a very busy lifestyle in the most famous boyband on the planet. 

Kudos to you, Louis, kudos to you.

The 22-year-old’s subtle support for LGBTQ+ rights comes just days after his bandmate, Harry Styles, sparked an entire whirlwind of speculation surrounding his own sexuality when he admitted in an interview with Lucy Jones from ODE that gender is “Not that important” in a partner.

It all started when the journo asked Liam Payne and the curly-haired popstar what traits the duo looked for in a lady friend, Liam was quick to be Captain Obvious and quip: “Female, that’s a good trait.”


Until Harry stole the limelight away from Liam’s little joke with the retort: “Not that important.”

Complete with adorable little nose scrunch and a dismissive flick of the hand.


Together, Harry and Louis have found themselves at the centre of the biggest One Direction rumour of them all, Larry Stylinson, ever since the band was formed on X Factor four years ago – with a lot of fans convinced that the duo are secretly in love with eachother and in a long-term relationship.

Sound bizarre? Well, the ‘Larry Shippers’ are actually a group of incredibly observant One Direcion fans who have gathered enough gifs, videos, and interview quotes to have a pretty massive, eyebrow-raising box full of rather convincing ‘evidence’.

This past week’s combination of Harry’s “not that important” comment alongside Louis’ public support for Tim Cook, and the band’s lack of comment with regard to the sexuality rumours have only added fuel to the Larry fire. 

And although there hasn’t been any confirmation that Harry is bisexual, gay, queer, or any other sexuality that you can think of, he has been widely praised for so publically debunking the concept of ‘heteronormativity’ and One Direction fans have rallied around him to showcase their support.

In fact, a huge group of Directioners known as ‘Rainbow Direction’ are uniting together to create a safe space where fans are welcome with their questions on LGBTQ+ issues and to discuss their feelings about Harry’s revelation without fear of being judged or bullied.

Thousands of fans have also added a rainbow badge to their social media profiles in order to demonstrate their undying support for the boys and those struggling with their sexuality within the fandom.

Harry has always been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, previously showing his support for openly gay football player, Michael Sam, by wearing his jersey at a concert in the footballer’s home town.

He has also hit back at the controversial Westboro Baptist Church, who picketed a One Direction show, by tweeting: “Despite the company outside, I believe in equal rights for everyone.

“I think God loves all. Thanks for coming to the show though.” 

His positive words helped to influence his millions of fans, who joined forces to create TakeMeHomeFromNarnia earlier this year – an action platform against homophobic bullying.

A spokesperson for the cause explained: “There can be a lot of homophobic bullying on social media, but with this action, we are trying to change that in our little corner of the fandom.

“Our aim is to continue to expand our rainbow support across different social media platforms and during the 2015 On the Road Again Tour.

“We already have participants lined up for 4 out of 5 continents, and at all european and American shows next year.”

We think that it is pretty obvious to say that regardless of what Harry’s sexual identity is, he and the rest of the band’s public support for LGBTQ+ rights can only be a positive, and widely welcomed, thing. 

Keep up the good work boys, we somehow find ourselves loving you even more for it. 

Who said that boybands can’t have a positive influence, eh?

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