One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Slams The Voice: ‘It Badmouths X Factor To Promo The Show’

There’s no better way to start the day than with a big dollop of Louis Tomlinson sass, so we reckon today is going to be a GOOD one.

This morning, the One Direction star made it clear where his loyalties lay, leaping to the defense of the show that kickstarted his career as the annual “The Voice is more credible than The X Factor” comments well and truly began.

Unable to ignore that this seems to be pretty much all that the Voice UK judges appear to talk about in the build up to the show, Louis jibed to his 18.3million Twitter followers: “Is bad mouthing The X Factor the only way The Voice knows how to promo their show ? #everyyear”

Before adding: “It’s like Accrington Stanley trying to compete with Real Madrid ….”

Now, we may not know much about football, but we know that’s a SLAY.

Even though we are very clearly not inside Louis’ sassy little brain, after doing a bit of digging it seems to be the comments from new Voice judge, Rita Ora, who got the 23-year-old so riled up.

Speaking to The Sun, the singer claimed that she had turned down a judging role on the hit ITV show because she preferred how much more “respected” The Voice is, claiming: “The respect levels for this show are really high.

“It is well received and respected by other artists. That is why I joined, because I really respected the format and how it musically connected to the contestants.”

Hmm, respected by some other artists maybe, but this member of the biggest band on the planet is #TeamXFactor all the way, thanks.

Despite the fact One Direction were contestants on The X Factor way back in the good ol’ days of 2010, the band have remained on seriously good terms with the show, with Louis in particular spending  a whole load of his time off helping old mentor Simon Cowell at the Class Of 2014′s rehearsals last year.

In fact, he was down at those bloomin’ TV studios so much that we were actually starting to think that he was trying to turf out veteran judge, Louis Walsh and join the panel for the live shows.

We can but dream.

After all, who needs chairs that spin around at the push of a button when you are in the company of Simon, Cheryl, and Mel B, eh?

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