‘One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Would Make A Brilliant X Factor Judge’ – Stereo Kicks

Those Stereo Kicks lads are certainly doing the rounds of late, and after taking the time to slag off their former X Factor mentor Louis Walsh, they’ve turned their attention to another famous Lou-Lou.

Apart from this time, it’s Louis Tomlinson and they couldn’t have been nicer about him.

Nice one, lads.

The octo-group became pretty well-acquainted with the One Direction babe when they were competing on last year’s series of X Factor, with the 23-year-old seemingly unable to resist dropping by every single week to give the acts a helping hand.

And, as it happens, it turns out that Louis is pretty ruddy good at this ‘advice’ malarkey, with the Stereo Kicks boys in agreement that he’d make bloomin’ good judge on the show at some stage in the future.

Barclay Beales said of the star: “I think he’d do a good job. He’s been through it and he’s quite funny, isn’t he?

“He’d be honest as well we reckon. He’s become part of one of the biggest boy bands in the world and he’s gone through the shows, so he knows how it works.”

Barc’s bandmates added: “When we were there on the show, One Direction used to come down a lot when Simon Cowell was there on a Friday.

“Louis would ask if we were getting ready for the show and he used to come down, sit on the panel and watch.

“So yeah, we reckon he’d do really, really well at it.”

And we have to say, we agree 110%.

Following his constant appearances during last year’s series of the show, Louis became a hot-favourite to join Mr. Cowell at the judges table for 2015, despite the fact he’s in the middle of a pretty humongous world tour when the show starts filming.

On top of that predicament, Lou has also guest-judged on new reality show ‘Be In The Band’, launched his own record label, got stuck into writing the songs for 1D’s next album, donned his football shorts for a charity match, and continued looking bloomin’ marvellous at every available second, making him a busy bee to say the least.

Still, we’d never say ‘no’ to Lou’s pretty face becoming a weekly staple to our TV screens, so we’re gonna hold out hope that he finds his way to the X Factor judging spot eventually.

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