One Direction’s Niall Horan Splits From Australian Student Melissa Whitelaw After Three Months

In today’s totally random news, Niall Horan has apparently split from gorge australian babe, Melissa Whitelaw.

Why is this so random?

Well, we kinda somehow had forgotten that they were even supposed to have been together for these last three months.


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Talk about keeping things low-key, eh?

Still, despite the romance rumours never truly even kicking off, a sneaky source reckoned they’d have the final word to The Sun and revealed that it all fizzled out thanks to the whopping distance between the pair.

The insider dished: “Niall and Melissa did well to keep their romance low-profile during their time together.

“They were really close and had fun whenever they went out together.”

So like, three times?

“Realistically they always knew it was going to be tough,” the source continued, “Keeping a relationship going with such distance between them.”

Niall and Melissa first got tongues wagging in February, when they were spotted “acting coupley” back when One Direction were touring Oz and Zayn Malik was a member.

Yikes, is it just us or does that feel like a lifetime ago?

After various appearances together while in Mel’s homeland, the only notable appearance made by #Nelissa after that was at Liam Payne’s Great Gatsby themed charity gala back in April, with the young student being spotted making a not-sneaky-enough exit out of the back of the venue. 

It doesn’t look like little Niall is suffering too badly with heartache following the split, as he and his flat cap have been gracing the London club circuit with their presence over the last few days, partying alongside the likes of Fifth Harmony, Jade Thirwall, and Ariana Grande.

Well, when you put it like that it looks as though the single life isn’t so bad after all, is it babes?

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