One Direction’s Security Guard, Preston Mahon, Slams Newspaper For Louis Tomlinson Womanizer Jibes

We have said it before and we will say it again; no matter how many ‘Louis Tomlinson leaving a nightclub with a string of women’ photos we see, we will never, ever believe that he has become a womanizing player.

And the good thing is, it looks like we aren’t the only ones who are getting a little bit fed up with this new ‘party boy Louis’ narrative.

Perhaps we should start some kind of global support group?

The newest member to the group would be Preston Mahon, the lovely, burly bloke who acted as Louis’ security guard the other night… Y’know, that night where he took five girls back to a hotel room and images of him with a ‘suspicious cigarette’ were even more suspiciously leaked to the press.

The bodyguard, who is normally a man of few words, is clearly just as fed up by all of the palava as we are as he took to his barely-used MazSight account to share a photo of a newspaper article that claimed: “Louis took girl to room for six hours” and “Star passed joint to chums”, showing his despair in the simple caption of: “Can’t believe the Sun newspaper lol”.

To be entirely fair, it’s no wonder that Preston is feeling bloomin’ exasperated by it all seeing as he is the one who went through the extra effort of physically stepping inbetween the 23-year-old hearthrob and one of the ‘mystery blondes’ so that the press wouldn’t get the wrong idea.

And this was after Louis had already publicly rejected the advances of another one of the gorgeous girls.

Sigh, you tried Preston, babes, and that’s the main thing.

And even if Lou DID disappear into one of the bedrooms for six hours with one of the gals, we highly doubt that there was hanky panky going on.

In fact, six hours sounds like exactly the right amount of time to have a post-clubbing snooze before the morning after fry up….

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Darlene Hildebrandt

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