One Direction’s Tour Manager, Paul Higgins, Quits ‘Following Feud With Zayn Malik’, OKAY THEN

Another day, another One Direction rumour.

We have to admit that we were pretty shocked when we heard that the boys’ long-standing tour manager, Paul Higgins, had apparently quit his role working with the band.

We mean, he has been there since the beginning and our five fave popstars even refer to him as ‘daddy’, WHY WOULD HE JUST LEAVE THEM LIKE THAT?!

Well, according to some mystery sources it’s because of Zayn Malik actually.

Erm, can you not?

An ‘insider’ revealed: “There have been issues behind the scenes for a while, and they’ve finally come to a head leading to Paul’s relationship with the band coming to an end.”

With Zayn’s absence from their US commitments allegedly being used as one of the final nails in the coffin – because we are sure that the 21-year-old really, really wanted to be spending the week on the toilet rather than jetsetting to Florida.


The ‘row’ is believed to have kicked off shortly after the boys teamed up with Bob Geldof and Bono to lend their vocal talent to charity in the Band Aid 30 single, with Paul flying back from America one day after Zayn flew out to join the rest of 1D.

We are finding this feud slightly hard to believe, but one thing that this mysterious source DID get right is that Paul is a total rock when it comes to organising the boys on tour, with them adding: “In many ways he has completely run the show while they’ve been on tour – they even call him Daddy.

“He became a friend as well as a key part of their management set-up. He’s always been at the heart of the One Direction team, and it’s hard to think of them going on tour without him there.”

We TOTALLY agree.

Zayn hasn’t had the best of weeks with the poor Bradford boy already being accused of ‘substance’ abuse on live TV AND rumoured to be getting set to split up the band before he landed the blame for Paul calling it quits. 

The poor boy just can’t catch a break, can he?

Don’t worry Zayn, we all love you <3.

As for Paul?

We’re gonna miss you, buddy – It’s the end of an era.

And we hope that we find out the REAL reason behind him leaving sooner rather than later.

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