One Direction’s Zayn Malik Is ‘Exhausted And Sick Of Fame’, SURE HE IS

We’re literally one negative Zayn Malik report away from starting a dramatic: LEAVE ZAYN ALONE campaign. 

Yes, you did hear this exact same story about two weeks ago, but heck here it is again.

Even MORE sources have come forward to claim that our fave Bradford boy is totes ready to rip apart One Direction by storming off, muttering about how much he hates fame, money, and the undying love of millions.

After Zayn was accused of drug abuse on live TV when the boys were in America and he was struck down with a tummy bug, an insider came forward to claim: “Zayn’s exhausted and sick of fame. And awful situations like this one – when he’s accused of being a drug addict – are exactly why he’s had enough.

“Zayn gets overwhelmed and has always found fame really hard to deal with.

“It hits him more at certain times than others and it’s bad right now. He gets so homesick.

“His family are so close and he hates that he never gets to see them.”

While we could completely understand that you’d get super homesick while jetsetting around the globe with your four best mates, we really just don’t believe that Zayn is getting ready to call it quits.

The source also added to Heat magazine that the 21-year-old is getting especially fed up of not being able to see his fiancee, Perrie Edwards of Little Mix fame, saying: “Zayn feels like he’s given so much of his life to the band and is cut off from everything.

“I think he thought proposing to Perrie would mean an escape – that they could move to the country and have pets and be normal. But things haven’t panned out like that yet.”

Hmm, this sneaky insider doesn’t seem to realise that Perrie is almost JUST AS busy as Zayn and even if he did quit the day job to become a pet-loving husband in the countryside, his wife would probs still be touring the world with her gal pals.


Yet another ‘mate’ of our fave brooding popstar had a chinwag with The Mirror, revealing that the perils of celeb status has resulted in the lovebirds having to postpone their Wedding: “There’s been all this talk of a wedding, Perrie wanted a big Disney-themed day but the reality is they’ve had to put it back.

“There isn’t the time to plan a day that will be perfect for the two of them. They’re both so busy, they have decided they will have to have a long engagement.

“Who knows when the wedding will be now, but there are no plans at the moment.”

Who needs a piece of paper from the city hall anyways, eh?

The month of November has not been too kind to Zayn, with the drug abuse accusations merely being the cherry on top of a difficult couple of weeks where the poor boy was blamed for everything and anything going wrong with the band.

As well as allegedly being set to walk away from One Direction any minute now, he was also accused of being the one to drive away their longstanding tour manager, Paul, who quit his role a couple of weeks back.

We don’t know why everybody has it in for him at the mo, or even how ANYBOY could look at those puppy dog eyes and high cheekbones and feel anything but undying love, but we hope that this anti-Zayn crusade ends soon.

Because to be honest, it’s all getting rather ridiculous. 

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