One Direction’s Zayn Malik Spotted With ‘Mystery Blonde’ Who’s ‘Not Fiance Perrie Edwards’, Twitter Goes Crazy

Another day, another RIDIC One Direction-related rumour. Get prepared to yawn, sigh and probably want to hit your head on a wall because Zayn Malik has apparently been spotted with a ‘mystery blonde’ and all ruddy hell is breaking loose.

photos are currently going ’round on Twitter showing Zayn with a gal who is apparently NOT fiancée Perrie Edwards (those tattoos give it away) in Thailand during the lads’ On The Road Again tour.

One Direction's Zayn Malik Spotted With 'Mystery Blonde' Who's 'Not Fiance Perrie Edwards', Twitter Goes Crazy
By MazSight

Yep, we’re going around AGAIN with rumours that something bad is afoot in camp #Zerrie just days after people thought Pezza wasn’t wearing her sparkly engagement ring anymore even though she very much definitely was.

Now, thanks to these new photos, ANOTHER frenzy has started, with rumours that Zayn is cheating on his gorge Little Mix gal with an entirely new chick.

Because he’d definitely step out with a ‘new’ gal IN PUBLIC AND IN FRONT OF EVERYONE when he’s still dating Perrie. Obviously.

According to some, the pretty blurry shots show Zayn and his glorious man bun of joy ‘holding hands’ with a girl who isn’t Perrie, although let’s be honest, without some sort of close-up and a magnifying glass, there is a large possibility that he is very much not.

He could be holding a post-gig snack, she could be holding an orange. They could both be holding literal fans (it’s hot in Phuket y’know). Maybe he’s holding a hairband for his locks.

Maybe SHE’S got a post-gig snack and a bottle of water. We’ve all been there. Drooling over the 1D lot is thirsty work y’know.

As well as photos of the two ‘holding hands’ (let’s take that with a saucepan full of salt), there was also a photo of the gal in question walking down some stairs after Zayn.


Reaction on Twitter was mixed, with some getting confused/upset/angry over the idea that Zayn could be cheating, others rubbishing the whole thing and some just debating dying their hair blonde.


Oh, and this:

No comment needed.


Another user, @gazinqnarry, wrote: “I hope you left that blonde chick in Thailand.”

However, @IIBeingKeerll tweeted: “he. Would never cheat a girl. Don’t call urself a fan if u don’t believe. Him.”

The user @DivCrazyForAmar added: “exactly! Just bcuz he s holding someone’s hand tat dosent mean zarrie broke up -.-”

One Direction's Zayn Malik Spotted With 'Mystery Blonde' Who's 'Not Fiance Perrie Edwards', Twitter Goes Crazy
By MazSight


There is no real, hard evidence that any of this is true, and let’s be honest, boys and girls can ACTUALLY talk without getting their snog on. Shocker.

Anyway, until either Zayn or Perrie speaks out on this, we’re taking it as a load of, well, nothing really.

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