Oscars 2015: Emma Stone Flashes Nude Knickers In Awkward Wardrobe Malfunction

To us, Emma Stone was definitely one of the best dressed stars of the Oscars’ red carpet tonight, but it seems that even a total babe like the super talented actress can’t escape an awkward #WardrobeFail.

Somewhere inbetween being lifted in the air by an over-excited Jennifer Aniston and making her way into the ceremony to clutch an Oscar made out of lego, Emma managed to accidentally flash her rather dashing nude knickers.

A bit of a Bridget Jones moment, but somehow Em can even make that look cool, she’s really just all round amazing, isn’t she?

The star appeared to be blissfully unaware of her awks mishap, even though it seems to have occurred thanks to her own hand getting caught in her dress.


Classic Emma, eh?

On top of the blunder, the 26-year-old also missed out on the prestigious Best Supporting Actress award for her role in Birdman, losing out to Patricia Arquette, who won for Boyhood and consequently delivered one of the best and most empowering speeches of the night.

There might not be any pizza or mass selfies (yet), but the Oscars 2015 is shaping up to a pretty fantastic all-rounder, isn’t it?

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