Oscars 2015: Jennifer Aniston PICKS UP Emma Stone On The Red Carpet

Oh you know how these glitzy red carpets are, every where you look there’s another flippin’ gorgeous couple looking sickeningly loved up and ruddy adorable.

However tonight’s Oscar carpet showcased a new type of lurve that we can totally get behind – complete gal pal camaraderie with Jennifer Aniston giving Emma Stone such a mahoosive hug that she actually lifted her off the ground and into the air.


The two actresses were posing together for the paps when the embrace took place, and we think that it is fairly safe to say that 26-year-old Em is super chuffed to be in the arms of actual Rachel Green.

Who cares about the romance and baby bumps when there are #FriendshipGoals like this in front of our very eyes, eh?

Emma, who is nominated for Best Supporting Actress tonight, was looking absolutely gorgeous in a lime green Elie Saab gown, whereas 46-year-old Jen opted for a super chic Versace number.

All in all, we basically want to be them, and have never before realised just how desperate we are to be lifted into the air by Jennifer bloomin’ Aniston…

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