Oscars 2015: Lady Gaga’s Red Leather Gloves Spark HILARIOUS Twitter Memes

While some people think that the Oscars are all about the films, we know that the best part of any awards ceremony is actually the memes and Lady Gaga provided some much needed LOLZ on Sunday night.

Ahead of her pretty darn amazing Sound Of Music medley (yes, we had a sob), the star made an impact on the red carpet in a gorgeous Alaia dress and… erm… a pair of red rubber gloves.


Oscars 2015: Lady Gaga's Red Leather Gloves Spark HILARIOUS Twitter Memes
By MazSight

And the star’s rather *ahem* interesting way of accessorising didn’t go unnoticed by the internet, which immediately went into meltdown because WHAT ARE THOSE GLOVES?

Some people thought that she looked like she was about to get started on a large pile of dirty dishes…

 Others thought that it was *totally* fashaan, yah?

Then there were those who thought that she might have just showed up to do a bit of clearing up (the Oscars do get VERY messy).

Josh Feldman

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