Oscars 2015: Neil Patrick Harris’ Top Five Moments As Ceremony Host

This year, Neil Patrick Harris took over from Ellen Degeneres as host of the prestigious Oscars, and although he has split critics with his presenting style, we have pretty much loved him.

Okay, so he may not have ordered pizza for the stars and roped Brad Pitt into handing out paper plates, nor has he taken a massive and star-studded group selfie, but he has done a lot of things right.

Here are our top five Neil Patrick Harris moments from the Academy Awards:

1. His Loved Up Entrance With Husband David Burtka

Neil and David have been making our hearts melt with their home videos of twins, Gideon and Harper, not to mention their cutesy, matching Halloween costumes.

However, it seems all too rare that we actually see the two lovebirds on their own, and it turns out that there might be a reason for that – they both pretty much turn into actual heart-eyed emojis.


2. OH Yeah, He Went There

Whilst Ellen always played it relatively safe on the jokes front, Neil made a risque quip within seconds of the show kicking off.

Acknowledging the total lack of black actors nominated in this year’s ceremony, the actor joked: “Welcome to the 87th Oscars.

“Tonight, we honor Hollywood’s best and whitest. Sorry, brightest.”


3. The Show-Stopping Musical Number

Of course musical-lover Neil Patrick Harris couldn’t possibly host the show without being all singing and all dancing, and his opening number really didn’t disappoint.

There was Neil, there was Anna Kendrick, Jack Black, and a whole load of lolz – PUT IT ON REPEAT.

4. His Tighty Whiteys, Hubba Hubba

In a homage to multi-nominated film Birdman, Neil stripped down to his underpants and actually walked on stage in front of the entire world, not to mention Meryl Streep.

Proving to us that his hubby is lucky in every way possible, Neil’s bod was predictably fantastic and… Is it wrong that we now ever so slightly fancy him?

Well, if it’s wrong we don’t want to be right.

5. His Scarily Accurate Oscar Predictions

Erm, so they probs weren’t his actual, real-life predictions but we had fun all the same.

Never change Neil Patrick Harris (it feels weird to call him just plain old ‘Neil’, doesn’t it?), and please be back again next year to escort us through the ceremony yet again.

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