Oscars 2015: Reese Witherspoon’s Mum Wouldn’t Stop Texting Her Ahead Of Best Actress Nomination

It seems like even A-List, Oscar-nominated actresses can’t escape those #embarrassingmum texts, with Reese Witherspoon – who is up for an Oscar for leading lady tonight – revealing that her mum has been texting her all bloomin’ day about the do.

The 38-year-old took to MazSight on her way to the ceremony to share some pretty adorbs tweets from her proud mother, who is celebrating her daughter’s big moment with an Oscar party at home.


Reese captioned a screenshot of the tweets with: “My biggest fan…”, with the messages reading:

“I am at whole foods after church getting ready for Oscar party.

“Whole foods so busy I feel like I’m in LA

“Good luck Reese Laura Dern and Cheryl strayed.

“Thanks for the wonderful movies.”


Reese followed up with a second photo, with her mother extending her love to this year’s host, Neil Patrick Harris, in this batch of texts.

Captioned: “One more. #LoveNotesFromMom (And for @Instagranph)”, the messages read:

“You all have brought us much love, happiness and laughter.

“Hello to Neil Patrick Harris.”

And Reese’s A+ response: “Thanks mum, I love you.

“Neil is pretty busy but I will make sure and say hi.”

Followed by the cry face emoji, which we’re sure was used in the best possible way.

Can we give Reese Witherspoon’s mum the award for Best Supporting? Because we think that she is doing a pretty fab job .

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