Oscars 2015: Rita Ora Performs ‘Grateful’ But Receives Mixed Reactions

We might have absolutely LOVED Rita Ora‘s performance of ‘Grateful’ at the Oscars 2015, but it seems not everyone was as impressed as us.

And, er, not everyone actually knew who she was, either. Not sure how but okay.

Rita, who’s just unleashed her acting talents on the world in a short Fifty Shades of Grey cameo, looking ruddy stunning as she sung her heart out in a monochrome gown.

Oscars 2015: Rita Ora Performs 'Grateful' But Receives Mixed Reactions
By MazSight

Taking to the scary stage in front of an audience full of Hollywood’s finest, Rita totally slayed her performance of the song from ‘Beyond The Lights’, belting out the track and showing that girl, she can SANG.

The 24-year-old showed off her incredible vocal skills with the song, which was written by Diane Warren and was nominated for Best Original Song.

It might have lost out to John Legend and Common’s ‘Glory’ from Selma, but we definitely thought Rita gave an award-winning performance.

Oscars 2015: Rita Ora Performs 'Grateful' But Receives Mixed Reactions
By MazSight

What a way to start 2015, eh?

(Much of) Twitter was equally as impressed with Rita’s singing skills, with one user writing: “@RitaOr you killed your performance on the Oscars. I love your song ‘Grateful’. Also you are looking fabulour! #Oscars2015 #ProudBot.”

Another wrote: “Rita Ora is slaying at the Oscars boy!” whilst one tweeted: “Rita Ora did a great job. Sad that because y’all faves can’t sing live you got to hate on her. lol.”

However, not everyone was QUITE so enthralled by Rita’s talents, with some viewers taking to social media to discuss how much they didn’t enjoy it. :(

One wrote: “Rita Ora beautiful woman, terrible singer,” whilst another simply said: “#Ocars2015 Ok Rita Ora sounds terrible.”


Even WORSE for Rita, some people didn’t even have the foggiest who the heck she was.

Of course, we’re ever so slightly biased seeing as though she’s been in the UK’s lives longer than she’s been known in the US, but STILL.

One user wrote: “Who is Rita Ora? A singer? Actress? What does she do.”

Another said: “I have no idea who rita ora is.”

Awkward turtle.

Look, all of you lot are missing out and you need to get some Rita in your lives pronto. If only because she completely NAILED that incredible performance.

Well done, Rita. WELL RUDDY DONE.

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