Oscars 2015: Zoe Saldana Looks Amazing On Red Carpet Three Months After Giving Birth To Twins

Everybody looked bloomin’ amazing on the Oscars’ red carpet earlier this evening, but nobody had our jaws drop to the ground quite as much as Guardians Of The Galaxy star Zoe Saldana, who showed off her frickin’ amazing bod just three months after giving birth.


The 36-year-old rocked up to the ceremony with her husband, Marco Perego, and immediately stole all of the limelight with her amazingly toned body, gorgeous Versace gown, and plain lovely overall look.

Yep, we officially have a brand new girlcrush.

Zoe gave birth to twin boys Bowie Ezio and Cy Aridio in November last year, with a rep for the star confirming in a statement: “They were born Thursday, November 27th in Los Angeles. Mother and sons are happy and Healthy.

“Zoe and Marco are so grateful to all of the fans for their incredible support and beautiful wishes.

“The family is also appreciative of the respect of their privacy during this exciting time. Thank you!”

Explaining her sons’ slightly unconventional names, Zoe revealed while she was pregnant that they were going to be a result of her and her hubby’s ethnic roots, saying: “My husband is very Italian and I am very Latina so every day we have messages from our parents that are just like ‘Oh, it should be Rocco, Giovanni, Luigi, Antonio Ramon Jose.

“And you’re like, ‘Oh my god, people, chill.’”

Unfortunately for Zo, so far her Marvel film has failed to scoop any prestigious Oscars, but we reckon she’s won in the fashion stakes anyway… So basically, everybody is a winner.


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