'Ouija' Movie Spoilers 2014: What Happened In Horror Film's Plot?

“Ouija” centers on a group of friends using a Ouija board to try to contact a friend who hanged herself. As they try to get answers, they free a dark spirit.

After Debbie died, her friends decide to use the Ouija board to see if they could speak to her. The only problem is they do not know the “game” is what made her kill herself in the first place.

Debbie’s family leaves the home after her death, and leaves Laine Morris (olivia Cooke) to take care of it — that’s how the friend’s have access to Debbie’s house throughout the film.

'Ouija' Movie Spoilers 2014: What Happened In Horror Film's Plot? “Ouija,” starring Olivia Cooke (pictured), is based on the popular Hasbro game. It premiered Oct. 24, 2014.

Laine tells her friends there are three rules for playing with the Ouija board: They must circle the conduit on the board for every person playing, they must not play in a graveyard and they must always say goodbye.

The group is able to make contact with Debbie and she spells out “Hi friend.” They say goodbye, but everyone is left feeling spooked.

Each one of the friends is haunted by the phrase “Hi friend,” whether it be chalked on the wall, or etched into a desk or on the window of a car. The friends find out the spirit is sinister when Isabelle (Bianca A. Santos) dies.

She was in the bathroom flossing her teeth when she becomes possessed. Her mouth is suddenly sewn shut, and she hits her head on the bathtub and dies.

'Ouija' Movie Spoilers 2014: What Happened In Horror Film's Plot? It’s just a game, isn’t it? Robert Murch, a consultant on the film “Ouija,” analyzes the allure of the spirit board.

The friends know they must do something more to stop the evil demon haunting them. Laine and Debbie’s boyfriend Pete (Douglas Smith) discover a mother was accused of killing her child, Doris Zander, in Debbie’s home. They are able to find Doris’ sister Paulina (Lin Shaye) living in a psychiatric ward and go to her to try to uncover some secrets about the house and the Ouija board.

Paulina is welcoming when Laine asks about her sister and mother. Paulina explains her mother, who went crazy, killed her sister. She said her mother was a medium who used channels like the Ouija board to talk to spirits. She said her mother sewed her sister’s mouth shut, and the only way to stop her mother’s evil spirit would be to cut the stitches from her sister’s corpse, which happens to be in the basement.

Laine is able to cut the stitches sealing the corpse’s mouth, but what she doesn’t realize is Dorris was actually the evil spirit haunting the group, not the mother. After another visit to Paulina, she discovers the truth: Mother tried to stop Dorris, which is why she killed her.

After seeking advice from her grandmother, Laine discovers the only way to get rid of the spirit is to burn the Ouija board and the body. She is able to do so, with the help of Debbie’s pure spirit, but not before her boyfriend and Pete are killed by Dorris.

Laine and her sister are the only one’s who survive the movie. Or did they? “Ouija” ends with Laine finding the conduit on her desk.

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