Paloma Faith SLAMS ‘Pathetic’ Taylor Swift And ‘Degrading’ Ellie Goulding In New Interview

Eek, Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding have some serious shaking it off to do because fellow singer, Paloma Faith, has laid into them big time.

Paloma did not hold back in hew newest interview with The Sun, where she brands TayTay “pathetic” and “desperate” for trademarking her 1989 lyrics, and dubs Ellie Goulding “degrading” for agreeing to provide music for the Fifty Shades Of Grey soundtrack,

Discussing Ellie’s involvement with the controversial erotic film, the 33-year-old said: “I found it offensive and degrading.

“It’s all about putting a man on a pedestal and the female being beneath him and feeling inadequate and turned on by his dominance.

“I don’t think that’s a very empowering message for young people.

“I’m all for anyone doing whatever they like in the bedroom – I’m not a prude. I do think it’s fine to be submissive and dominant if that’s what you’re into.

“But in that book, outside of the bedroom, she’s constantly putting him above her.

“If they’d have asked me to do the soundtrack I would have said no. Luckily, they didn’t.”


And the star didn’t stop there, going on to give her two cents on the news that 25-year-old Taylor had trademarked lyrics from her latest album, such as ‘This Sick Beat’ and ‘Party Like It’s 1989′, last month.

Paloma moaned: “F*** that! ‘This sick beat’ is probably something she’s stolen from someone else. 

“It’s kind of pathetic, if you want my honest opinion.

“Is she that desperate to stand out from the crowd? With her exclusive phrases?

“I think it shows a distinct lack of self-confidence.”

Say what you really feel, babes.

Both Taylor Swift and Paloma are expected to perform at the BRIT Awards next week – here’s hoping that there’s not another Katy Perry related drama for Tay, eh?

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