Paris Hilton Gives Justin Bieber’s A Lap Dance In Cannes, Leaves His ‘Lame’ Party Early

We apologise in advance for any mental images that this news may conjure up.

paris Hilton is believed to have given Justin Bieber a lap dance in Cannes but rest assure they are ‘not banging’. TMZ’s words, not ours.

Yep, the two stars are over in the South of France where 20-year-old Justin invited 33-year-old Paris over to his villa for a bit of an after party.

However, sadly Paris is believed to have scarpered after just half an hour after Biebs insisted on playing his own music constantly.

Yet within this precious 30 minutes all sorts is believed to have gone on – with Paris even giving Justin a bit of a lap dance at one point.

Well, this is the lady who has a stripper pole installed in her home after all.

However, it’s being stressed that this is where their tryst ended and Bieber did not manage to pull the loaded heiress.

A ‘well-placed source’ (perhaps that means they had front row seats to the lap dance?!) said: “Paris ended up leaving the party after half an hour when Justin was just playing his own songs.

“She said the party was really lame.”

Poor ol’ Biebs, we are sure listening to Justin Bieber play his own songs on repeat wasn’t THAT bad…

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