Peaches Geldof Wrote In Pete Doherty’s Journal ‘Promising Not To Die’ From Heroin

It’s believed he was trying to warn her.

Peaches Geldof Wrote In Pete Doherty's Journal 'Promising Not To Die' From Heroin
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Peaches Geldof signed Pete Doherty’s ‘promising not to die’ alongside Amy Winehouse.

“I solemnly swear I am not going to die,” was the message written under her name believed to have been drawn in blood with a syringe.

It’s believed that the message was written when Peaches was just 19-years-old and Pete was trying to convince her to stop taking the drug.

Nina Antonia, who edited the book, told The Mail on Sunday: “If you look at Peter’s reference to Peaches – it is written in Peter  ‘speak’ – ‘Conditions of doing as  she would with her pleasuring ting a ting’ translates to ‘if you are going  to continue using drugs please can  you make a promise to be careful?’. Hence her response, ‘I solemnly swear not to…’”

“In his own way, he is asking her to be cautious, but at the same time he couldn’t act like a drug counsellor or he would have been hypocritical. You can’t damn him for attempting to reach out to a friend.”

However, it’s not yet certain if it was the former TV star who personally made the scrawling in the book or whether the signature is just a reference to her.

The journals kept between 2008 and 2013 entitled From Albion To Shangri-la were only made public last year.

Also in the book are references and what are believed to be signings from Amy Winehouse who died in 2011.

“Peter is in the habit of leaving his journals open for friends and visitors to add their own entries,” Antonia says.

Pete Doherty is still battling his own heroin addiction.

Peaches, 25, died in April with 3mg of heroin per litre of blood in her system.

 Last week a coroner said the TV presenter and model had been clean and totally drug free for five months before her death.

Peaches is said to have been prescribed heroin substitute methadone to cure her addiction.

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