Peaches’ Geldof’s Final Interview: All Heroin Users Have The Same Core Internal Pain

Now this really is haunting.

Peaches Geldof’s last interview has been published in which she expressed her concerns that ‘people thought she would die like her mother’ and that it was ‘preordained’.

The heartbreaking admission – in which she also discusses heroin addiction – came just weeks before she was found dead in her home in Kent.

In a conversation with American writer William Todd Schultz for Spectator Life, Peaches is noted as saying: “It’s like I’m someone in a book. Your life, they keep telling you, is preordained, “I’m going to die like my mother … she’s going to end up like her mother”.”

The former TV personality also discussed heroin in the interview saying how hearing about users like Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who died of an overdose in February make her feel ‘sad’.

“Heroin is such a bleak drug,” she said. “It always makes me so sad to hear about people like Phillip Seymour Hoffman who were real masters and also family men who were just wasted by the constant, gnawing obsession with it. All heroin users have the same core internal pain. It’s a fascinating concept – drug of choice.”

At the time she was speaking it was not public knowledge that Peaches was using herself and reading the quotes now they can be seen in a totally different light.

Peaches died aged just 25 on April 7 and later toxicology reported showed that heroin was involved in her death.

The circumstances were almost identical to those in which her mother’s body was discovered just fourteen years earlier.

Both deaths involved heroin and both bodies were found while they were solely caring for their children who were in the house at the time.

Peaches was found with her ten-month-old Pheadra while Paula was found with her daughter Tiger-Lily who was four at the time. Paula was just 41-years-old when she died.

Peaches’ Geldof’s Final Interview: All Heroin Users Have The Same Core Internal Pain
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The day before Peaches died she posted a childhood photo of herself with her Mum, with the caption: “Me and my Mummy.”

William Todd Schultz compiled his article using Twitter, phone and text message conversations he had with Peaches the month before she died.

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