Perrie Edwards EXCLUSIVE: I want to marry Zayn Malik

Forget the Zayn Malik cheating on Perrie Edward rumours the Little Mix lovely has ignored those reports and instead insists the One Direction hottie is the man she wants to marry.

Before you get your hat, the comment comes while she played a game of snog, marry or avoid with team omg!

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When we presented with the options of Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Liam Payne the blonde replied:

"It’s obvious who I’d choose, I’d marry Zayn and the other two I can’t choose that wouldn’t be fair."

Aww, so sweet!

Perrie Edwards EXCLUSIVE: I want to marry Zayn Malik
By MazSight

In our one minute gossip video we also asked the X Factor winner who was the most famous people she’s met — and there’s been a few…

Perrie finally came up with an answer telling us: "I met Geri Halliwell at the Olympic Closing Ceremony and I met Michelle [Williams] from Destiny’s child that was scary."

But before you think she’s too [perfect what with her good looks, being in a girl band and bagging Zayn Malik for her boyfriend even she was her faults.

When we asked the last lie she told, Perrie said: "I don’t really lie, maybe a little white lie to my mum saying ‘I’m going to bed but can’t text right now’ when really I can’t be bothered."

We’ve all done it Perrie!

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