Pete Burns Evicted From His London Flat – Leaving Behind A ‘Distraught’ Landlord

Bankrupt ’80s icon Pete Burns was evicted from his London flat yesterday morning, after failing to pay his long-suffering landlord a whopping £35,000 in rent.


Legal reps for the landlord were spotted repossessing the property, but they also managed to find the time to have a natter with The Mirror whilst doing so – claiming that the stress of Pete’s debt had lead Mr. Landlord to have a mental breakdown.

The 55-year-old star and his long-term partner, Michael Simpson, racked up a huge bill of £34,000, which also includes owed legal costs, and Paul Shamplina, the founder of the landlord’s legal company, explained: “We carried out the eviction this morning, with the bailiffs from the court.

“This has been a complete nightmare for the landlord, he has lost over £34,000 in rent and has suffered a breakdown because of the stress caused by the tenants not paying him the rent and various incidents at the flat, where he’s received numerous complaints.

“Unfortunately he was too understanding to Mr. Burns’ problems, which has resulted in him being owed over £34,000 and lost so much time, as well as affecting his own well-being.”

To be fair, if we were owed £34K we would probs be pretty upset about it too.

Chatty Paul Shamplina continued: “Obviously it’s harder for the landlord, as he used to live in the property, so he has an emotional tie to it.”

Back in 2009, Pete was rewarded with £450,000 in an out of court settlement following his botched lip surgery, with the star claiming at the time that the damage to his face left him feeling “suicidal”.

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