Peter Andre Debuts Dodgy Cornrows On Holiday In Africa

Did he learn nothing from Cheryl Cole’s mistake?

Peter Andre clearly got carried away on his holidays and has been roped into having his hair put in dodgy corn rows.


We can only assume the ‘holiday spirit’ has (quite literally) gone to his head.

Here he is posing with baby Amelia and while we want to marvel at the cuteness of it all we just can’t stop staring at the disaster zone on top of Pete’s head.

The singer even himself admitted: ‘Ok the hair maybe a step too far haha.’

Dodgy barnets aside, Pete also posted this mega cute snap of his fiancée Emily MacDonagh, their baby daughter Amelia and his two kids Princess and Junior.

Peter posted the snap with the caption: ‘Couldn’t resist. All watching peppa pig :)) How darn cute.’

Cute, indeed.

The fam are currently on their holidays in Africa and it looks like they are having the best time keeping us all updates with regular Twitpics.

And by the looks of things Princess and Junior are making a whole load of new friends!

Pete posted this snap with the caption: ‘J, P and the new football team lol:))) #weloveafrica’

Then later this one of Junior showing off his footie skills with the message: ‘Junior in his element playing footie with the locals.’

The family have even been on darn safari with Emily posing for the first ever ‘lelfie’. We’ll allow Pete to explain that one:

“This has to be a first :))) a “lelfie”. Ems doing a selfie with a lion! Zoom in and check out that bad boy.”

Also, on the plus side – Emily seems just smitten with Pete’s new look:

Happy hols guys!

Neil Weinberg

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