Peter Andre: ‘I’m Finally A Cool Dad, Thanks To Frozen’ – EXCLUSIVE

You would think that having Peter Andre as your dad would be pretty ruddy cool – you get to go to fun events, make your friends at school jealous, AND have him sing Mysterious Girl to you at your beck and call.

However, dad-of-three Peter has revealed that he has only just nabbed those prestigious cool points from seven-year-old Princess and nine-year-old Junior, and it’s all thanks to Disney’s Anna and Elsa.

Yep, even the celebs can’t escape the unstoppable power of Frozen – they really are just like us, aren’t they?

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity, Pete explains how becoming the ambassador for Disney On Ice’s Magical Ice Festival has seriously impressed his kids, sharing: “I love working with Disney and alongside all of these cool characters.

“I meet all of the Disney characters and it’s great – I’m finally a cool dad to the kids! It’s the first time ever in the UK that Anna and Else from Frozen are in Disney On Ice, so Princess and Junior are super excited.”

But it’s not just the kids who are excited by the show, as the 41-year-old reveals that he is also seriously psyched about living out one of his childhood dreams, adding: “When I was younger I was so fascinated by Mickey and Minnie Mouse, I always dreamed that I would go to America and go to Disneyworld and see this.

“The fact that I am able to do this later on in life, when I have kids, and be able to live that dream and they can live it through me, it’s just brilliant.

“Going back to my childhood and using my imagination is what is so good about Disney – You get to life your life through the kids again, you get to see your childhood through them.

“I mean, I’ve got kids that love their iPads as well, I’ve got kids that want to watch stuff on TV and be on their iPads, so I’m always thinking of ideas on what we can do as a family to get them out of the house.

“It’s such a great day out, and Disney On Ice appeals to the kids and also the parents, it’s really nice.”

N’aww, isn’t that lovely?

Pete is pretty well-known for what a fab dad he is, and he also told us the secret to keeping all three young kids happy, revealing that he was a tad nervous when baby Amelia came along last year: “It’s sort of weird because when you have a new baby you never know if the kids will be a bit jealous, or feel left out.

“They love their sister so much though, Princess is Amelia’s best friend, we’re a team. We all do everything together – we hang out together, have all of our meal times together.

“Even if one is doing their homework, we all have to sit there – that’s just the way it is. We all hang out and it’s great.”

Blimey, they sound like a modern day Brady Bunch don’t they?

On top of spending all of their time hanging out, Pete is also helping his kids learn new skills, recently sharing a snap of a children’s piano on his Twitter account.

So are any of them going to follow on their daddy’s footsteps and become a popstar?

“I’d love Junior to be a little producer,” the star tells us, “I would actually love him to be a doctor, or a policeman, or a fireman, but if he wanted to go into entertainment I’d love him to do producing.”

And the girls? “Amelia and Princess are obviously going to be nuns,” Pete jokes, “Princess is saying that she wants to be either a doctor or a teacher, which is really cute.

“But in a month she’ll want to be something else – she changes her mind every five minutes, but it’s nice to know she has a good imagination.”

Bless – and no doubt finding inspiration from Peter’s finacee, Emily MacDonagh, who qualified as a fully fledged doctor last month, just one year after giving birth to baby Amelia – talk about Wonder Woman, eh?

Speaking about his wife-to-be, proud Pete gushes: “Emily is amazing, it’s kind of difficult when we have a conversation at the end of the day and I ask her what she’s done.

“She’ll tell me that she diagnosed somebody and gave them medication and then ask me what I did, and I’m just like ‘Erm, sung a song….’.”

But a bloomin’ great song, Pete, don’t be so hard on yourself!

So, when can we be expecting the lovebirds’ big day?

“It’s either going to be this summer or next summer,” Pete tells us, “It won’t be any later than next summer – the plan was always around 2016 for me, but it could be this year.

“We will see when Emily is settled in her job.

“She loves Greek music and dancing and she really wants to have Greek involved the whole way through the day, but I know how big Greek Weddings can be!

“I just want a really small, little English wedding out in the country but of course we have to have some Greek, because I am Greek and I love it.

“Emily loves the culture and really wants to learn the language, so I’m trying to teach her.”

Ooft, we will have to buy a hat… And also stock up on some plates for smashing judging by the sound of things!

Peter is the ambassador for Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival which is appearing nationwide from the 11th March until May 2015. Tickets are available from www.disneyonice.co.uk

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