Peter Andre posts vintage high school prom photo

photographic evidence that the 80s was a confusing time for fashion:

Peter Andre treated his Twitter to the ultimate blast from the past yesterday when he tweeted this photo taken at what we assume must have been his high school prom.

And we reckon he looks the absolute spitting image of his son Junior! Like, basically identical twins.

Quite scary actually.

But just who is the mystery perm lady in the pic posing with Pete?

Well, we were assuming it must be his old high school sweetheart however we were left confused when read his caption:

“Haha I remember this. My bro wrote the song LIZA about her” Peter tweeted along with the vintage snap.

Oo er, do we sense a bit of an Andre love triangle?!

He later tweeted a picture of himself from the wonderous Mysterious Girl days when he was all about abs and baby oil with the message:

“Wow, those were the days!”

Certainly were.

However, we will admit we think we prefer our Peter Andre nowadays – minus the baby oil.

Although it is always nice to have a nostalgic trip down memory lane, isn’t it?

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Lauren Davis

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