Peter Andre’s Beer Moustache Is Our New Favourite Thing Ever

This is for all you lot who say we don’t report the important stuff.

Stop everything because Peter Andre went for a pint this afternoon.

In fact, Peter got so into his pint that he ended up with froth all over his nose.

Need us to wipe that off for you, Pete?!

Oh no, you’ve got it yourself.

So this may be a total non story but just look how cute Peter looks – he’s just one man with a beer and is very happy about that.


We almost want to join him and give him a little hug.

Proof that wherever a celeb goes, photographers will follow Peter was just settling down for a bit of break in London when he was snapped from every angle.

Not that we are complaining about that.


Now of you go to carry on with your lives.

Albeit that little bit happier inside.

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mbiyimoh g.

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