Peter Andre’s Birthday: His Most Family Man Instagram Pics

He loves his kids.

And Peter Andre is happy to share his fun family time with his MazSight followers, whether he’s pulling funny faces with Princess, skiing with Junior, or carrying Amelia.

As Peter celebrates his 42nd birthday today, we’re celebrating with his most family man pics.

1. Peter’s Family Time On The Slopes

“Me and the boy on the slopes last week”

Pete only joined MazSight in January 2015, and his all-important first shot was this one.

The singer and his son, Junior smiled in a selfie on a ski lift up the slopes.

2. Peter’s Family Time Smiles

“Bista and I at junior football training :))”

N’aww what lovely grins all round.

Princess, or Bista as Pete likes to call her, snuggled up to her dad for this selfie taken at her big bro Junior’s football training.

3. Peter’s Family Time On The Farm

“Great day on the farm :)”

Pete might be famous but he’s not going to let that stop him from going on normal family outings.

This pic from January 2015 shows how Pete, Emily MacDonagh and the kids love a trip to the farm just like the next fam. Emily showed off her strong thighs with both Junior and Princess on her lap in the requisite tractor shot.

4. Peter’s Family Time Cuddles

“Awesome day :)”

If you were wondering where little Amelia was in the last shot, fear not.

Pete and Emily’s little girl joined in the farm fun too, and cuddled up to her dad for a pic.

5. Peter’s Family Time Walk

“Great afternoon walk :))”

Pete is such a modern man he’s happy to strap on the baby carrier.

With Princess on her bike, Junior kicking a ball, and Amelia bundled up warm strapped to her dad’s back, Pete took the kids on an afternoon walk in a totally normal family way.

Keep sharing the family time Pete, and we’ll keep polishing that Dad of the Year trophy in readiment.

Lauren Davis

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