Pharrell Williams’ Birthday: His Best Hat Instagram Pics

Never has one man created such a millinery stir.

And Pharrell Williams documents his love affair with headgear on his MazSight feed, whether he’s upstaging SpongeBob SquarePants or sharing the hat love with Oprah.

As Pharrell celebrates his 42nd birthday today, we’re celebrating with his best hat pics.

1. Pharrell’s Hat Buddy

“Happy Birthday to @oprah, a true force of nature. #Legend”

Pharrell is pretty generous with his headgear collection.

He even let his pal Oprah Winfrey hold one of his trademark hats, and shared the shot in celebration of the legend’s birthday in January 2015.

2. Pharrell’s Bell Boy Moment

“Thank you @chanelofficial. #Grammys”

There are only a handful of people who can get away with wearing anything to a high profile event.

Lady Gaga is one of them, and Pharrell is also on the list of wacky dressers. Who else would turn up to the Grammys in February 2015 in a bell boy outfit? A Chanel one at that, no less.

3. Pharrell’s Hat Bling

“Thank you to my big brother Jay for attending tonight’s paris show. #DearGirlTour”

Just check out the bling on that beauty.

Pharrell gives his headwear plenty of attention, dressing them up with little beetle brooches and sparkly, shiny things to make them all the more spectacular.

All those chains add to the bling-tastic effect at his Paris show in October 2014. Jay Z looks positively underdressed in comparison.

4. Pharrell’s Natty Hatty

“The hug gigolos… @thelonelyisland @nbcsnl”

Is there no style of hat Pharrell can’t pull off?

He does natty boater with aplomb, as evidenced in this pic from May 2014, which he perfectly matches with a bow tie and waistcoat. Now where can I buy an ice cream?

5. Pharrell’s Shirtless Hat Wearing

“Thank you to all the Future Music Festival fans. @i_am_other”

Even when confronted with Pharrell’s gorgeous bare torso at Future Music Festival in March 2014, you can’t help but focus on his amazing hat instead. Seriously, if we saw a pic of him in a bubble bath with nothing but his hat on, chances are our eyes will be northwards.

Keep sharing the hat heydays Pharrell, and we’ll keep tipping ours to you.

Elizabeth Wagmeister

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