Pixie Lott Wears Her Heart On Her Crotch – Yep, Her Crotch

We can only assume she misunderstood he whole ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’ thing.

Pixie Lott went out last night with a massive heart plastered across her crotch.

How er, eye-catching.

Pix was playing a gig at London club Freedom however got everyone talking with her fashion choices rather than her performance.

We all know fashion is mad but surely this is too far? We know you should accentuate your ‘best bits’ but REALLY NOW? A HEART SHAPED CROTCH PATCH?

Or who knows? Maybe it could really catch on and soon we all will be sporting various shapes on our lady bits.

Perhaps fashion has overlooked the crotch for too long and is it time that it had its moment in the spotlight?

In fact, we hope it happens in time for Christmas so we can get a little Christmas tree crotch patch.

Wow – turns out we didn’t need too much convincing after all.

Thanks for the fashion tip-off Pixie! CROTCH PATCHES FOR EVERYONE!

Oh and while you’re at the shops why not buy a copy of Pixie’s new single? It’s meant to be proper good y’know.

‘Lay Me Down’ is available to dowload now. New album ‘Pixie’ is out August 4.

[Pixie Lott takes on our Six Second interview]

Billy Hallowell

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