Pregnant Abbey Clancy: ‘I’ve Been Ill With Morning Sickness For Four Months’ EXCLUSIVE

It looks like there is no celeb in town who can escape the dreaded morning sickness, with model Abbey Clancy revealing that she has been struggling with pregnancy nausea for the last four months.


The gorgeous model also added that being pregnant is a whole lot tougher this time around, with running after three-year-old daughter, Sophia, taking its toll.

The 29-year-old and her mum, Karen, are launching a new Mother’s Day fragrance with Avon, and she exclusively opened up about all things pregnancy at the very swish launch.

Abbey shared: “My first pregnancy was definitely a lot easier because I could just stay in bed all day if I felt sick, but now I have another little one to look after.

“I’ve been really suffering with sickness for four months now, I’ve even had to cancel shoots.”

Ooft, somebody put the poor love in touch with fellow sickly expectant mummys’ Kate Middleton, Helen Flanagan and Frankie Bridge? They could all probably do with the moral support.

Balancing vomming with entertaining a three-year-old most definitely doesn’t sound like our idea of fun, but the super mum is managing, and is even keeping her toddler completely in the loop, adding: “Sophia has been getting involved.

“We took her to see the scan and she asked us: ‘Who is that baby on the screen?’”

Erm, can we please take a moment to appreciate just how bloomin’ adorable that is?!

Although Abbey, who is married to footballer Peter Crouch, might be feeling a bit vomtastic and preggers, she certainly doesn’t look it, with her diddy bump being so tiny that she was still doing bikini photoshoots until recently. 

Now the Strictly star has temporarily ditched swimwear for mother-daughter bonding, embracing her new perfume venture with mum, Karen.

Speaking about what it’s like to keep this collaboration in the family, the star gushed: “It’s amazing because my mum joins me at shoots anyway and brings baby along, we are a really close family.

“To have a picture of me and my mum together is really special, it’s nice for her to be involved and see what I do, and she was a natural – she took the shine off me a bit.”

And would it be something that she’d like to do with her own daughter in the future?

“I’d like to do something similar with Sophia when she is a bit older,” Abbey considers, “My whole phone is filled with pictures of me and my baby, but I would like to do a nice one.

“I don’t know for sure if she is a model in the making yet – but I think that she might be.”

Sounds as though little Sophia is already just like mummy!

Abbey and Karen Clancy’s Avon perfume ‘Cherish’  will be available from avonshop.co.uk or your local Independent Avon Representative from February.

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